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Embodied Pregnancy

Feel grounded and confident following your intuition in pregnancy.

Becoming a mother is a deeply transformative rite of passage.


What would it feel like to do it your way?

You don't want a standard one-size-fits-all experience. But how do you know what's right for you?


You know deep down you are the authority on your body, your baby, your birth. Yet claiming full responsibility feels overwhelming.


You want your pregnancy to be a journey of inner power, trust, and love... so how do you navigate doubt, uncertainty, or fear?


You can feel at home in your changing body and do pregnancy and birth on your terms.


This transformation feels BIG because it is! And you're ready for it.


Now is the time. Energetic integration of body, mind, and spirit is the way.


Embodied Pregnancy is a journey to reconnect
to your instincts and intuition and become the Mother
you're meant to be.

Prenatal Yoga Lesson

Activate and align your seven primary chakras 
with yoga asana, breath work, meditation, and
body care habits to:

  • Build strength and flexibility in body and mind

  • Trust your body and the intelligence of birth

  • Feel and follow your Full Body Yes

  • Envision your birth and postpartum experience, and call in aligned support

  • Make choices and take action with confidence 

  • Clear the energetic blocks holding you back

  • Deepen your relationship with your baby before you meet face to face


Doing pregnancy your way doesn't mean doing it alone. Connect in the online community with other women walking the path of

self-led, intuitive motherhood.

We also gather LIVE every 2 weeks in our Community Circle for:


8 chapters in 8 weeks


Amplify the energy of your practice. Move and breathe together with your fellow embodied mamas. 


Rituals to celebrate your pregnancy, and birth story medicine from community members.

Community Circles take place on Zoom and are recorded, so you can experience the energy of the community and revisit these sessions any time.


Embodied pregnancy can feel like a fire walk sometimes. We'll dive into the deep stuff together with q+a, group work, and live coaching to bring you back to your center.

Chapter 1:
Get Grounded

Lay the foundation for deep energetic shifts and integration. Take time to get grounded and set your intention.


Chapter 1 starts with:

  • What is embodiment, why pregnancy is THE time for embodiment practices, and why Yoga?

  • Reading energetic qualities, body talk, and giving yourself what you need

  • The practical aspects of making your practices happen

  • Why the term "self sabotage" sucks, but learning to embrace these moments of nervous system retraction is the best

  • Set your intention with a birth altar

Chapter 2:
Root Down

Your root chakra is your foundation and reflects your sense of being safe, nourished, and cared for in your body--the essentials for birth to unfold as nature designed.

In Chapter 2:

  • Fortify your root structure: legs, feet, pelvic floor, and cervix

  • Harness the grounding, supportive energy of Mother Earth

  • Remain present and connected to your changing body

  • Bedtime rituals for more restful sleep

Chapter 3:
Feel Your Flow

Flowing sacral chakra energy uses desire and pleasure not to escape the moment, but to show up fully present and expressive.

In Chapter 3:

  • Open the low back and hips, so the energy of birth can flow through you

  • Surf emotional waves without drowning in them

  • Tips for optimal hydration

  • Nurture your relationship with your womb

  • Embrace pleasure and follow your Full Body Yes

Chapter 4:
Inner Fire

In the solar plexus chakra, you define your individuality through your values and actions.


In Chapter 4:

  • Strengthen your personal power container

  • Get clear on your core values and live them through action

  • Show up as your whole self with confidence

  • 5 minutes of movement to start your day on fire

  • Energetic boundary maintenance

  • Tend to your digestive fire

Chapter 5:

Heart chakra energy is all about relationships and connection. Where your body and soul meet, and where your heart connects with the hearts of others. In the relationship dynamics of pregnancy and birth, mama and baby lead from the center surrounded by people who know their role is to support you in walking this path your way.


In Chapter 5:

  • Open the chest and upper back, so you are energetically ready to receive

  • Build upper body strength to support you during labor, then cradle your baby

  • Call in support that is 100% aligned with your values and vision

  • Experience the loving power of your own hands and breath

  • Nurture your relationships

Chapter 6:
Express Yourself

Through the throat chakra, your inner experience–needs, desires, vision, and values–is communicated outwardly through words and sound.


In Chapter 6:

  • Clear the path for communication with stretches for the neck, jaw, and face

  • How to use your voice in birth

  • Release inhibition and roar

  • A mantra to express self-trust

  • Protect your energy by using your words with discernment

  • Oral hygiene and massage techniques for clear self-expression

Chapter 7:
Clear Vision

The third eye chakra is your center of perception, intuition, imagination, and discernment. Where you see the inner and outer world as they are, as you imagine they could be, and decide how you will travel the path from what is to what will be.

In Chapter 7:

  • Birth portal visualization

  • Discernment: filtering what is "for" you from everything else

  • How screen time clouds your intuition, and practices to regain clarity

  • The voices of intuition and ego, and knowing the difference

  • A mindset shift to tap into ease

Chapter 8:
Spirit Led Motherhood

In the crown chakra, you experience your Self as eternal spiritual consciousness, as One with the universe.

In Chapter 8:

  • Receive the wisdom and support of past generations

  • Trust the evolutionary intelligence of birth

  • Experience yourself as part of nature

  • Begin each day letting go of the old and inviting in the new

  • Affirmations for pregnancy and birth

Are you ready to feel yourself in pregnancy and birth?


Lifetime access to the course materials—video practices, audio meditations, and worksheets

Membership in the private Embodied Pregnancy online community

Bi-weekly LIVE Community Circles with Jill (4 sessions)

***Next Enrollment begins 2023


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